The Niagara Local Food Co-operative is Encouraging People to Shop Local

The Niagara Local Food Co-operative is an online market that is great for all those who want to support local farmers by buying foods that were produced locally. Not only will you be helping out your neighbors, but you will also get to feel at one with the land that you are living on.


Who Came up with This Idea?

Yvette Plentai is the founder of this organization and her main aim is to help every producer and farmer in the Niagara region become a household name. She appreciates the work that the local producers do, so she wants them all to become stars. This organization was set up back in 2008 and it has obviously been a hit as it is still going strong 11 years later.

How Does It Work?

Local farmers sign up to the site and whenever they have produce that they want to sell, they upload it to the site. Consumers can then order when it is convenient for them, meaning you don’t have to drive to different farms. Two times a month, the farmers will bring their produce to a convenient distribution point, sort them into the orders that have been placed, and then wait for the consumers to come and collect their orders.

This organization has saved many farmers in Niagara. For example, Beth Secord used to sell her pears to a pear factory in Niagara. However, when the factory went out of business, she had nowhere to sell her produce. That was until she came across the Niagara Local Food Co-operative. She is now still able to make a living selling her pears to locals.

The Benefits of Using This Organization

When you buy food from a supermarket, you have abso


lutely no idea really about how it was raised or grown of the production practices that the farmers used. You will often be told the country where the produce came from, but that is about it most of the time. This is definitely not the case when you buy from local producers. Furthermore, if you want to find out a bit more, you can hop in your car, drive down the road and have a chat to the farmer about their production methods. They are usually always happy to talk to people about the farming methods that they use. If you like one producer more than the others, you can also specifically order from them.

For the farmers, the benefits are that they will be linked with people who value their quality products and care about the local economy. Furthermore, they won’t have to pay huge shipping costs as their products are all being sold locally.

The Local Cricket Team Has Helped Out Too

The local cricket team have recently moved to different grounds, so instead of leaving their old cricket field (where they used to meet to bet online) to grow out of control, they donated it to the local farmers.

The farmers were ecstatic with this donation and have since put it to very good use. They converted the pavilion into a place where they could store all of their farming equipment and then dug up the outfield to create 10 separate patches.

Ten local farmers have their own patch and produce such as lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, carrots, and potatoes. One farmer used his patch to create a chicken coop, so eggs are also produced here.

The cricket players help even more by making sure that they buy the goods that the local farmers are producing. Their captain said that “whenever we are playing a match, we get a lot of support from the locals. This is something that we really appreciate. So, whenever we can, we make sure that we give support back. It’s only fair if you as me.”