Putting Vegetables into a Whole New Platform


Following the success and interest in The Niagara Food Co-op, we have had a range of offers from companies to help spread our organization’s policy. Of the plenty, the oddest one was from a local casino company to help design an online slot machine that was based around the foods we grow. This was the most bizarre of offers given to The Niagara Food Co-op, so this once in a life-time opportunity wasn’t to be passed on and we agreed in our meeting that we would do our best to come up with some designs and ideas to promote our ethical concept of harvesting our own food.

The concept of Harvesting Gold

Harvesting Gold was the name given to the slot machine and took on the notion that you can grow your own wealth, such is the life of a farmer. A few other titles came up but were too similar to other games that already existed in the realm of online casino games.

The slot would house vegetable symbols that included carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, melons and aubergines.

We were informed that there would have to be a specific symbol for the bonus round, and this was formed by the golden spade. When collecting three of the golden spade symbols this would activate the Harvesting Bonus.


The Harvesting Bonus allows players to pick and choose from a collection of harvest produce that is buried under the soil. As players pick a vegetable to dig up the 3D animated farmer will come along with the golden shovel and each veg will have a prize value to attached. Some will also contain more free goes. The bonus round will end when the farmer is unable to dig up the veg.

Special Features

The game holds two special features. The animated farmer will randomly trigger during a game and will walk in front of the reels and click his fingers. Each click will add a wild stack on the reels formed of vegetable crates. Up to 5 clicks can be received and this could lead to you winning the jackpot.

The other special feature is a dropped vegetable feature. If during a spin a vegetable is seen falling from the reels, then the reels to the right and left will form the same symbol as this, leading to more chances of winning once the reels have stopped spinning.

**The Casino **

The casino that gave us this opportunity to design an online slot was the SpinWin Casino that is legally open to players in Canada. The casino will take the idea and from start to finish will take roughly 4 months to complete. SpinWin Casino is an online platform that can be accessed from multiple devices, so you could enjoy the Harvesting Gold online slot game from your own mobile phone.

As a thank you for the offer to do this, a link to the casino will be added to our website where users of The Niagara Food Co-op can claim a free welcome bonus when they join. You will be given an x-amount of free money to use inside the casino and what you win from the Harvesting Gold game, you get to keep.

If you would like to contact our organization to help spread the word of The Niagara Food Co-op, then please do contact us on the details provided and we will be happy to listen to your ideas.