The Niagara Food Co-op: Putting Local Food First


The N.F.C is taking modern food shopping into a whole new realm with its virtual market whereby local residents can shop and buy locally produced ingredients. In tackling the big supermarkets. A band of farm friendly individuals has put together a fantastic site that gives you unpackaged, fresh, untainted produce and made and sold by those in your neighborhood.

Our Mission

We set out to provide the needed support to sustain local foods from all over Niagara. We are 25 farmers strong and we able to provide a stable market that producers and processors can join and get their products out in a more modern way.

How It All Began

We are all too aware that the global elite in the food industry is absolutely punishing the planet from crop growth and deforestation to chemical and unethical sourcing of food products. We set out to end this as best as we can by focusing on where we live and to help show the community that there is a cheap and healthier option.

With Yvette Plentai spearheading the movement, she has given farmers and producers an easy to use platform to help get their names out there and to get their products seen by the residents of Niagara. The distribution network is simple, buyers in the local area of further afield are able to use PayPal to buy direct from the sellers.

Yvette made it very clear from the very start that the stars of this movement are the producers and it is their names which will be on the lips on the householders. It’s about respect in the highest form, respect for those putting the work in day in and day out, respect for the craft and the food, respect from the seller to the buyer for appreciating the quality that is produced. There is no better love in food than that which is shared between these two parties.

Yvette also recognizes the business aspect that can help the community to thrive. May tourists come into the area and by growing a local agriculture industry of its own, the limits are endless if the world opens up to locally produced food.

The Community of Niagara

Niagara’s Community is a really nice community. You can find other community such as this one around the world like in the isle of wight to take an example where community is involved in local casinos.

We plan many events around this Niagara Food Co-op movement. Farmer markets take place every Saturday and Sunday. There are even volunteer groups that take place that gives locals the chance to learn how to grow their own goods. We incorporate our teachings into the local schools putting on farming events and getting the young interested in the facts about how the food they eat is harvested.

If residents wish to join the Niagara Food Co-op, then please do get in touch and get 100% of the profit on your sold goods. This is your opportunity to be part of the community and to put your name and produce out there to help feed and serve those that live next to you and around you in the best possible and healthy way.