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Only coop producer members with products to sell this month are listed on this page. For a complete listing of the producer members, irrespective of the current status of their product offerings, click here for a complete listing of producer members.

Not from this region? Don’t despair. Many of these producers are ready and able to ship their products to you, including frozen meats! Please contact the producers directly about the shipping policies.

Producer Name (Click on name) Types of Products Available for Sale
Aceto Niagara Vinegars, Mustard (1 product)
Andrzejewski Perogies Grandma's Simply the Best Jumbo Homemade Perogies (12 products)
Black Bow Farms Naturally-fed Berkshire pork (7 products)
Fenwood Farms certified organic chicken, naturally raised chicken, naturally raised turkey (11 products)
Green Lawn Farms Ltd. Wonderful jams made with local fruit and low in sugar (10 products)
Greenview Farms Concord and Niagara Grape Juice (1 product)
Grimo Nut Nursery Locally grown nuts (walnuts, heartnuts, black walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, hickory and butternuts) and some unusual fruit (persimon, figs, pawpaws) (9 products)
Gwen's Teas (8 products)
Lake Land Meats and Farm Market naturally grown beef,venison,wild boar,free-run eggs,lettuces,peas,spinach,beans,beets,carrots,onions,sweet corn,tomatoes,cucumbers,broccoli,cabbage (53 products)
Mathias Farms Fruit - Sweet Cherries, Sour Cherries, Raspberrys, Blackberrys, Clapp, Bartlet and Bosc Pears and assorted Raspberry Jams and Pear Butter (9 products)
Niagara Food Specialties Proscuitto and other cured meats (13 products)
Niagara Local Food Cooperative (4 products)
Niagara Presents Specialty Foods Niagara made specialty savouries, sauces, jellies and condiments. (5 products)
Niagara Samosa Factory Samosa's, Soups and Spinach Lasagna (6 products)
NLFC Pantry Staples Natural Organic Pantry Staples (59 products)
Rosewood Estates Unpasteurized Local Wildflower Honey (3 products)
Vulies Tea Infusions Loose Leaf Tea & Tea Accessories (35 products)
White Meadows Farms Maple syrup, maple butter, maple candies, maple bbq sauce, maple mustard, maple vinegar, maple jelly. (34 products)
Ying Ying Soy Food Organic, Non-GMO gourmet tofu, miso, burgers, and black bean sauce. Delicious and healthful. You have to try it to believe it! (9 products)