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If you  have ANY trouble or reach blank pages please let Emery or Linda know right away. We think we have found all the kinks…but you never know… Emery@futureaccess.ca and Linda at general.nlfc@gmail.com


Welcome to the Niagara Local Food Co-operative

Welcome to the
Niagara Local Food Co-operative

The Niagara Local Food Co-operative is an innovative marketing and distribution system for local farmers, agricultural producers, and consumers.

Essentially we are a virtual farmer’s market. Instead of driving to the market on specific days, or driving from farm to farm, you can order online at your convenience.

Recipe Corner

Recipe Corner

Co-op One Pot Wonder I love to make my One Pot Wonder from all my co-op ingredients. Every time I cook this dish it is different and full of flavour. Try it and you’ll see…Enjoy! Use all the items from … Continue reading


We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

January 27, 2016

People are always asking me how the Niagara Local Food Co-op got started. When there could be a boring answer I am happy to say it wasn’t just a group who wanted to be different in a time when buying … Continue reading

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Cycle Information

We operate on a two-week cycle. Shopping begins on the Wednesday that follows distribution day, and ends 10 days later on a Friday at 11pm. Distribution Day is the following Tuesday at Thorold Community Activity Centre 131 Richmond St. Thorold.

On distribution day Producers drop off and assemble their orders between 2-3:15 pm. Consumer members pick up their order between 4 – 6:00 pm.

Thorold Community Activity Centre is located at 131 Richmond St. Thorold.

Cycle Information